Long before the creation of the MCU, the characters of Marvel already appeared on the big screen. 2003 was the year the film was released Hulk, with Eric Bana, in the role of Bruce Banner.

As part of the promotion of the film, and also of the character’s game, released in the same year for the Xbox, PS2, and PC, a partnership took place between Pepsi, Microsoft e Universal Pictures. This alliance gave rise to a special version of the first Xboxwith a lime green housing and an image that represents the film in the center, instead of the X on the console in the traditional version.

One of the 50 units produced of this model, which became an item that some collectors would like to own, was auctioned. This model did not reach retail. It was distributed exclusively through a Pepsi promotion that distributed scratch cards, where participants had the chance to win prizes, including this themed Xbox. Of the 50 units produced, only 36 would have been claimed by the winners.

Noble cause

The console was sold on eBay for £7,700, equivalent to R$55 thousand, in direct conversion. The amount was allocated to British Heart Foundation, UK cardiovascular research charity. The auctioned kit also includes 5 games and a controller.

The console came to the foundation through a donation. It was “generously donated” to us, the charity said. “It’s very exciting when a rare item like this is generously donated to us,” he said. Richard Pallier, chefe de varejo on-line da British Heart Foundation.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/xbox-rarissimo-leiloado.html

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