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Vaio announced last Monday (1) the launch of a new portable monitor that promises to be the lightest ever produced to date. With a 14-inch screen, the Vaio Vision+ 14 model weighs only 325 grams, which does not prevent it from having a construction that the manufacturer claims to be quite robust.

With a compact size, the device connects to computers and other devices via a USB-C cable. The company claims that the new product works with native 1080p resolution (1920×1080 pixels) and features a display with high brightness, wide viewing angles and an anti-glare finish.

The Vaio Vision+ 14 features two USB-C connectionswhich allows simultaneous connection to two devices with different characteristics. The model also comes with a small support that serves as a protective cover, a one-meter long USB cable and a filter system to ensure content privacy.

Vaio Vision+ 14 promises flexibility

In addition to its compact size and low weight, the new portable monitor aims to stand out by bringing more convenience to the public. According to the manufacturer, the protective cover that comes with the product also allows it to be easily fitted to the top of notebooks, optimizing workspaces as a result.

Vaio Announces World’s Lightest 14-Inch Portable Monitor
Photo: Disclosure/Vaio

Since the Vaio Vision+ 14 was launched to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary as a standalone entity, the company has taken great care in how it is marketed. It claims that the device is entirely manufactured in Japan and has undergone extensive testing to ensure its durability and quality.

She also explains that the device was built using as much recycled materials as possible and in factories that use only green energy to operate. So far, the company did not reveal when the product will arrive in the Westbut has already started selling for approximately US$ 340 (R$ 1924) in Japan.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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