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TSMC plans to increase the price of its advanced 3 nm process, responding to the commercial challenges of increasing the value of electrical energy consumption and commercial pressures for its global expansion – according to a study carried out by Trendforce.

Furthermore, according to the China Times report, the semiconductor manufacturer is seeking an increase in N3 quotas by up to 5% and advanced packaging prices by 10% to 20% for the year 2025.

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It is important to highlight that, if it occurs, this TSMC price increase will directly impact the value of various hardware and devices around the planet. NVIDIA will produce its GeForce RTX 50 “Blackwell” GPUs across 3nm, just as we see Apple’s current M4 chip and future Intel Core Ultra 200V processors.

Another relevant aspect to mention is that the Taiwanese company, to date, has not officially increased the price of its advanced processes. The report and studies are based on the higher costs that the manufacturer is encountering and that, if its values ​​do not increase as well, it could have revenue/profit problems in the coming fiscal years.

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The market in the hands of TSMC

Even though Samsung and Intel have evolved a lot in the semiconductor industry, it is undeniable that TSMC continues to lead the ranking with its advanced processes and bringing cutting-edge technology to its commercial partners.

A possible increase in the 3nm process would not only serve to cover the operational costs of producing the technology in TSMC’s factories, but could also be used to improve its manufacturing capabilities to meet the demand for future orders – considering that the others are still following the slow steps on this.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 5090

Trendforce also points out that its capacity is “full”, both in the advanced N5/N4 process (5 nm and 4 nm) and in the newer N3 (3 nm). They are used in artificial intelligence processors, HPC, computers in general and smartphones, all aimed at the “premium” market.

TSMC is expected to have 100% utilization of its factories for 3nm, 4nm and 5nm in the second half of 2024, complementing with strong demand for the beginning of 2025. In addition to the upcoming NVIDIA GPUs and Intel CPUs, it it also has partnerships with other manufacturers such as AMD and many more across the tech industry.

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