A artificial intelligence It is, without a doubt, the new “fever” in the technology market. They’re cramming AI into everything possible. It even has a mouse with a button dedicated to ChatGPT. Well, the new “victim” of AI was the good old Ctrl+V.

The tool PowerToys added an option called Paste With AI (Paste with AI). With this functionality, you can now choose how you want to paste the copied content, applying different types of formatting made available by artificial intelligence. However, it is worth noting that, to take advantage of this function, it is essential that you have credits provided by OpenAI.

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Feature has been integrated into PowerToys

PowerToys, known by many as a Swiss Army knife for Windows users, offers an extensive variety of utility functions that can optimize the most varied day-to-day activities: from measuring pixels in images to efficiently organizing windows for increased productivity .

In version 0.81 of PowerToys, the Advanced Paste. To activate it, all you need is a simple combination of keys: simultaneously press the Windows Button next to Shift and then V (Windows + Shift + V).

By default, Advanced Paste maintains a detailed history of everything that has been previously copied, enabling quick access to this information. Within the options available for collage, it offers three different modes:

  • Paste the content as plain text;
  • In markdown format;
  • In JSON format.

Screenshot of a menu that lets you paste using as different formats.

To enable the Paste With AI option, you need to go into the software settings. When activated, Advanced Paste will present you with a specific field where you can specify how you want the copied text to be formatted, depending on your preference or need.

The options are vast: you can request that the excerpt be summarized, translated into another language, that the code be automatically generated or even that the tone with which the text is written be modified.

You have to pay to use Ctrl+V with AI

PowerToys 0.81 is out with AI-powered Advanced Paste - Software News -  Nsane Forums

To start using this function, you need to enter your API key provided by OpenAI in the PowerToys settings. Additionally, you must purchase AI credits. The minimum initial investment is US$5, which, converted into Brazilian currency, is equivalent to approximately R$26.

In terms of consumption, Paste With AI usage is calculated in tokens. In the most economical plan offered, you will find that one million input tokens cost $0.50, while output tokens cost $1.50.

This results in around 750 thousand words. Taking this into account, it is easy to see that with an amount of just US$5 you will be able to use the function for a long time. But it is still surprising that they are now even charging you to use the famous Ctrl+C Ctrl+V.

It is important to make a clear distinction at this point: the use of Paste With AI is not linked to the need to subscribe to the service ChatGPT Plus.

Microsoft announces news related to Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft announces Copilot, its AI assistant |  TI INSIDE Online

The arrival of Paste With AI takes place in a context where Microsoft has been making a series of announcements involving features based on artificial intelligence. Below, you can check out some of the new features announced by the Redmond Giant in the latest Microsoft Build:

  • The Edge browser will automatically dub YouTube videos in real time.
  • The Copilot feature, in turn, aims to act during online meetings on the Teams platform, intelligently noting everything that is said, ensuring that no detail or important information goes unnoticed.
  • Finally, Windows is about to integrate a tool called Recall. This tool aims to save all your activities carried out on the computer, creating a type of digital memory that facilitates the process of searching and retrieving relevant information.

Did you, just like Lulaare you also tired of hearing about artificial intelligence?

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