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With the appearance of new notebooks with the Snapdragon

It is notable that, in single-core results, there is no competition to match the M4. With ten cores, the CPU soars ahead of everyone else and this includes the new Snapdragon X Elite. Apple achieved 4,000 points in Geekbench 6 using liquid nitrogen cooling.

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However, in multi-core results, several notebooks with Windows 11 and the new Qualcomm processor surpass what was presented by Apple in its M4 – with a small difference, but it is still a higher number.

It is important to discuss some details before reaching conclusions. Qualcomm may allow its commercial partners to run the Snapdragon X Elite at the maximum limit of its TDP – helping it surpass its benchmark results. It has been reported that the SoC can maintain 98.5W usage for a brief period, which should help them.

It is also seen that the cooling solution used for notebooks can rely on a double heatsink arrangement to deal with Qualcomm’s CPU temperatures, something that even sounds unfair compared to what is seen on the iPad Pro – equipped with the M4 chip from Apple.

Apple M4

Snapdragon X Elite vs. M4

Considering that Apple must have limited the power consumption of the M4, due to portability and avoiding unnecessary temperature spikes, comparing its use in the iPad Pro to notebooks with Snapdragon X Elite does not sound equivalent and could still cause surprises to the market in the future.

When the same chipset is equipped in the next line of MacBook Pro and can operate at higher consumption, then we will be able to see which is the best performance of this generation: the Windows “AI PCs” on the ARM platform with Qualcomm CPUs or the Apple models.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X Series

It’s worth remembering that Qualcomm has already been accused of manipulating benchmarks to highlight its Snapdragon X Elite, while Apple’s M4 far surpasses what was seen in chips like the M2 and also beats the benchmarks presented by the M3 Pro.


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