A Comcastan American giant in the media and telecommunications sector, surprised the market by announcing a subscription package for streaming. The company, which also owns NBCUniversal, announced an integrated package that includes services such as Apple TV+, Netflix e Peacock. The latter — unknown among Brazilians — is the streaming of the North American television channel NBC.

This set of services resembles, in many aspects, similar plans available in Brazil, which are offered by local operators. The difference this time is that the partnership comes from representatives of the streaming platforms themselves.

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A return to the days of cable TV

From a broader perspective, what Comcast is doing is essentially a synergy strategy with competitors, an approach that recalls the classic dynamics of cable TV. If you didn’t catch the golden age of cable TV, subscribers paid a fixed monthly fee and had access to a closed package of channels. The broadcasters responsible for broadcasting the channels, as a rule, were competitors, but they benefited greatly from the cable TV business model.

Brian RobertsCEO of Comcast, stated that subscribing to the combo that brings together Apple TV+, Netflix and Peacock will be more financially advantageous for customers than subscribing to each service in isolation.

However, it left the public curious, as the exact price of this package has not yet been released. Expectations are high, as the new feature is scheduled to be launched this May, bringing excitement and anticipation to streaming lovers who are juggling trying to save a little on their subscriptions.

Is streaming combo the future?

3 streams for the price of 1: Disney announces combo with the value of a Netflix subscription – Money Times

Another recent example of this trend of combining streaming services was shown by Warner Bros Discovery, owner of HBO Max, and Disney, who also ventured into creating a package made up of their respective streaming services. As is now the case with the Comcast package, this union between Warner and Disney will also be aimed exclusively at the North American market.

It is worth mentioning that these streaming services offer, in addition to traditional on-demand content, live broadcast options. This way, the subscriber has the freedom and convenience to watch series, films and sporting events from different “broadcasters”, all under the simplicity of a single subscription. This model is in fact quite similar to that experienced by cable TV users in the not-so-distant past.

The partnership established between Warner and Disney will consist of a package that will bring together the streaming platform Max (formerly HBO Max), Disney+ and Hulu; the latter being a service that presents programs from FX, ABC and other channels belonging to the Disney conglomerate, with a focus on an audience that is not necessarily children or teenagers.

Strategies for saving on streaming

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Observing the Brazilian scenario, some operators stand out for offering interesting discounts on subscriptions to streaming services. For example, Globoplay is an option included in all fixed internet plans provided by Claro. However, unlike what happened with Globoplay, which has combined offers with Disney+ and Star+, other streaming service providers have not yet adopted a similar package approach in Brazil.

The success of these combos in the American market could be a decisive indication for the expansion and implementation of these strategic partnerships in other markets, enabling consumers from all over the world to enjoy the same level of convenience and economic advantages.

Meanwhile, users continue to try various strategies to save. A recent consumption pattern is spreading in the US; people subscribe, use their favorite content and cancel. A study by Antenna showed that a quarter of streaming users in the US canceled at least three services in two years, affected by inflation and bad catalogs. Other research indicates that monthly subscription expenses have risen to $61, and nearly half would abandon their favorite service if the price rose more than $5.

The phenomenon called “serial churn” represents 40% of subscription movements in 2023. Media companies such as Paramount, Warner Bros. Discovery, NBCUniversal and Disney seek strategies to retain customers. This new combo of services tested by Comcast is part of this strategy to reduce the number of cancellations.

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Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-05/comcast-pacote-netflix-apple-tv-peacock.html

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