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With the imminent arrival of the Steel Nomad benchmark, 3DMark is releasing new tests that were carried out in partnership with PC Games Hardware. They were produced on a computer with an Intel Core i9-13900KS CPU and DDR5 memory with 7600 MT/s to show new details of the software that will replace Time Spy.

It is important to mention that it will consist of two different test versions: 3DMark Nomad for 4K resolution and 3DMark Nomad Light for 1440p resolution.

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With all drivers updated, PC Games Hardware noticed some interesting details that were highlighted when testing several NVIDIA, Intel and AMD GPUs within the benchmark. Check out some conclusions below:

geforce rtx 4090

More results featured on Nomad

Additionally, 3DMark revealed other benchmarks recorded within the Nomad tests. One that surprised is related to the GeForce RTX 4090 GPU, which surpassed the 40 thousand points mark in the “Light” test. There were 43.2 thousand points of native performance and 46.3 thousand points at its overclocking peak.

AMD’s fastest graphics card, the Radeon RX 7900

The Videocardz website highlights that one of the objectives of the next generation of video cards should be to surpass the mark of 12 thousand points in Nomad tests and 50 thousand points in Nomad Light tests.

The launch of 3DMark

3DMark Nomad will run on both DirectX12 and Vulkan, in addition to its cross-platform benchmark. It will initially arrive tomorrow (21) for Windows X86 and Windows ARM – with Linux and macOS versions only being released in the future.

Additionally, the Light trial will also be available on Android and iOS devices at a later date.

Fonte: Videocardz

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