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Steam Deck users who have enabled the “Preview” system can now download the new drivers available in SteamOS version 3.6.0. One of Valve’s main proposals is to bring graphical and performance improvements to the public.

One of the biggest highlights of the new update of its graphics card to the Mesa 24.1 version is better performance and more stability in scenarios that make great use of the laptop’s memory – as in the case of open world games, such as The Witcher III, Cyberpunk 2077 and several others.

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Steam Deck
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The Steam Deck operating system is now compatible with the latest version of Arch Linux, with an update to the Linux kernel as well. This brings several fixes for problems that didn’t end up ruining your experience – but were annoying to deal with when necessary.

One of them is the improvement of Bluetooth connection speed, improved pairing with headphones such as Apple AirPods and also added the ability for the device to exit “Sleep Mode” using Bluetooth (such as external controls, wireless headphones, etc.)

Furthermore, the version of the Steam Deck with an LCD screen – the first produced by Valve – now also has new overclocking control options via BIOS – which should further help you configure the laptop the way you want. Another important detail is that, from now on, you can set the device to boot from your SD card.

Steam Deck: Valve does not recommend using the new OLED panel on older models
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More additions to the Steam Deck

The technical improvements to the Steam Deck are not just limited to what was mentioned above, with improvements to the software for the screen as well. In the SteamOS 3.6.0 version, Mura Compensation was added – improving the uniformity of the LCD display and which should mitigate the “Mura effect”.

The laptop also sees improvements to the screen’s color balance at lower brightness levels – which should help users see more detail when lowering this setting to save battery.

In desktop mode, the update brought Steam Deck users to also receive a “thumbnail” preview for videos in the file. Additionally, HDMI CEC capability has been added to the Deck Dock – allowing you to use remote TV input, TV wake-up, and TV input switching – plus compatibility fixes for high frequency rate VRR displays.

Steam Deck OLED
Photo: Disclosure/Valve

“Preview” mode users

As mentioned above, this update is only available to those who selected the “Preview” option in the Steam Deck system update settings. It has not been announced when it will reach everyone else.

It is worth remembering that it is simple to modify to receive it immediately, however in the “Preview” version some errors may occur and this will not necessarily be the final version of the update.

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