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The Sparkle brand is announcing new Intel GPUs, joining the Arc ROC line in white editions called “Luna Edition”. According to the manufacturer, only two models will receive this treatment: the Intel Arc A770 and the Intel Arc A750.

This line consists of 100mm dual-fan video cards with heatsink design with 2.5 slot – reducing the size of the hardware without losing its standards, being a version suitable for compact systems such as Mini PCs and Mini-ATX.


Sparkle, in addition to selling the Luna Edition, will also bring the GPUs in black – for those looking for a standardized model that better matches their other PC components.

Regardless of the color black or white, the brand promises Intel Arc graphics cards with a system that they call an “ultra-silent experience” and guarantees that this will not compromise their performance. However, it has not been disclosed how many dBA its fans will reproduce in noise.

It is important to note that Sparkle has not determined its release date and suggested price. It is expected that the “Luna Edition” versions, as they are white, will have a slightly higher cost than the black Intel Arc ROC GPUs – however, the difference in values ​​between them was not disclosed.


Sparkle will remain alongside Intel

It is worth noting that, since Sparkle announced a partnership as an OEM for Intel GPUs, it has been bringing several products to complement the corporation’s presence in this industry. And everything indicates that they will continue to work together in the future.

Although the Arc Battlemage GPUs have not yet been officially released, it is possible that more details about them will be presented in 2024. Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, will be present at Computex 2024 and many expect him to announce the CPU launch date Lunar Lake and its upcoming graphics cards.

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