Not end of April to Qualcomm revealed its new Snapdragon X Elite and Plus chipspromising performance capable of competing with MacBooks from Apple equipped with M.

However, user-performed benchmarks u/caponica23 no Reddit suggest that the Snapdragon X Elite can’t even beat the iPhone 12 mini with A14 Bionic. Remembering that this smartphone was launched in October 2020, meaning it is almost 4 years old.

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iPhone 12 Mini is almost 4 years old

In terms of performance, the iPhone 12 mini recorded 2,141 points in single-core e 4.878 em multi-core on Geekbench. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge with the X Elite chip only reached 1.829 em single-core e 11.379 em multi-core.

It is interesting to note that these numbers were measured with the notebook running on battery power only. When connected to the charger, scores increased slightly to 1,841 in single-core and 11,537 in multi-core. In other words, performance did not increase that much when plugged in.

Although the difference is small, these results fall well short of those announced by Qualcomm, which were 2,977 in single-core and 15,086 in multi-core, generating disappointment as the company stated that notebooks with the Snapdragon X Elite would be 50% faster than the MacBook Air M3.

It was not an isolated case

Seeking to confirm whether it was an isolated case, u/caponica23 compared this data with other Galaxy Book 4 Edge users, finding similar scores.

This led to the suspicion that Samsung may have imposed a limitation on the cores of the processorkeeping them below 2.52GHz during testing, possibly to prevent overheating and preserve the battery.

On the other hand, an update made available by Samsung via Windows Update improved gaming performance, allowing Resident Evil Village to run smoothly between 60 and 100 fps, a remarkable feat for such a compact notebook.

About Snapdragon X Elite

The Snapdragon X Elite line of processors has 3 versions. Are they:

  • Snapdragon X Elite X1E-84-100: Top-of-the-line chip with 12 cores and 42MB cache, reaches up to 3.8 GHz or 4.2 GHz with Dual-Core Boost. Includes 4.6 TFLOPS GPU for immersive graphics.
  • Snapdragon X Elite X1E-80-100: Balanced version, maintains 12 cores and 42MB cache, operating at 3.4 GHz (4 GHz with boost). Offers 3.8 TFLOPS for high-quality graphics.
  • Snapdragon X Elite X1E-78-100: Focused on multitasking, with 12 cores and 42MB cache, it has a frequency of 3.4 GHz and a 3.8 TFLOPS GPU, ensuring good performance.

Source: Techspot


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