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South Korean Mimir IP, a commercial partner of SK Hynix that acquired the rights to 1,500 patents related to the manufacturer’s chips, is filing a lawsuit against Micron. According to the documents, the accusation is of using patents without permission.

The open lawsuit does not just target Micron, it also targets companies such as Tesla, Dell, HP and Lenovo for using products produced by the defendant.

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The lawsuit was filed on June 3 and is related to circuits, voltage measuring devices and non-volatile memory devices. SK Hynix’s partner, if it wins in court, could earn up to US$480 million in alleged damages caused.

It is important to mention that this is the first time that a South Korean company has filed a lawsuit against a semiconductor manufacturer in the United States. The case is being analyzed in the US Court, Eastern District of Texas and by the US International Trade Commission.

Micron, SK Hynix or Mimir IP have not officially commented on the filing of the lawsuit and the charges they are bringing. There are two possibilities: this will be debated exclusively in the courts and only the result will be released to the public or there may be an extension of the topic with leaks of documents and files.

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Disclosure/SK Hynix

There is a lot of movement in relation to patents, and it is not surprising that companies like SK Hynix, Samsung, Micron and several others are filing several processes related to the topic recently.

This is due to the way they are dealing with their technology and the rights guaranteed for each project, forcing a greater restriction on “copies” or complete use of what they have developed.


SK Hynix began working with Mimir IP in May 2024, bringing this first process related to its productions. Micron went ahead and signed a contract with Lodestar Licensing Group in March 2023 – handling 400 patents related to its chips. Samsung made a similar move in June 2023.

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