The Senate approved this Wednesday (5) the taxation on international purchases of up to US$50. Due to the changes that the text underwent, it must return to the Chamber. However, the deliberations will be on other points, not on taxation. This part will go directly to presidential sanction. If President Lula decides to maintain it, the rate applied will be 20%.

Rapporteur Rodrigo Cunha (Podemos-AL) had excluded this issue from taxation, dubbed the “blouse tax” from the initial scope, a part of the Truth Mobility and Innovation Project (Mover), whose objective is to reduce the carbon emission rates of the automotive industry by 2030.

However, senators from the government base reincluded the fee through a highlight, presented by the government leadership and PT, PSD and MDB benches. As a result, the Senate held a separate vote, just to define the point of taxation.

To avoid exposing parliamentarians in favor of taxation, there was no vote recorded on the electronic panel.

Application of taxation still needs presidential sanction

If sanctioned by President Lula, In addition to the 20% import fee, the value of the product also receives 17% ICMS. Jaques Wagner (PT-BA) was one of the parliamentarians who defended the taxation:

“Colleagues need to know if we want to transform Brazil, allow it, into a free territory, without any rules, that will be invaded by an outside platform, or if we want to defend national industry and local commerce, he stated.

Jorge Seif (PL-SC), opposition senator, also defended the taxation: “Let’s not be hypocrites and populists. The Chinese cannot do what they want in Brazilian trade.”

Representative Kim Kataguiri (União Brasil-SP), who was against taxation when the issue was discussed deliberation in the Chamberclassified this approval in the Senate as a defeat for Brazil and for the poorest Brazilians,

In a post on his account on X, the deputy also highlighted that the “influencers will certainly continue trying to take the blame for this taxation away from the Lula Government, but make no mistake. One of the leaders responsible for this highlight is precisely the Leader of the Lula Government in the Senate”.

Senators who were against taxation:

  • Mecias de Jesus (Republicanos-RR)
  • Alessandro Vieira (MDB-SE)
  • Jaime Bagattoli (PL-RO)
  • Cleitinho (Republicanos-MG)
  • Marcos Rogério (PL-RO)
  • Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ)
  • Eduardo Girão (NOVO-CE)
  • Rodrigo Cunha (Podemos-AL)
  • Carlos Portinho (PL-RJ)
  • Rogério Marinho (PL-RN)
  • Irajá (PSD-TO)
  • Wilder Morais (PL-GO)
  • Romário (PL-RJ)


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