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Scammers are notorious for looking for increasingly advanced ways to trick people, but a supposed “RTX 4090” has caught a lot of attention. That’s because the card, which looks like an original model in every way, is actually an incredibly well-disguised RTX 3080 Ti.

The schematic was discovered and released by the Northwestrepair channel, which showed what is happening in a video. As shown in the video, the GPU die shows the correct AD102 model for an RTX 4090, but we are looking at a core that is in fact a GA102. The choice to swap between these two chips would have been made due to their similar sizes.

What the fraudsters did, impressively, was to scrape the surface of the die, laser-etching the fake information, and then polishing it to restore its shine. The same treatment was given to the board’s memory, which went from 256MB to a fake 2GB GDDR6X.

The video host details the discovery process, which was not easy. The difficulty begins in detecting something wrong – it was details in the PCB assembly that caught his attention. In addition, not every technician has the tools or knowledge necessary to remove chips from the board and check their soldering without damaging the product.

To recognize the differences in the die, the Northwestrepair team even turned to Discord to get help with the “spot 7 game”.

As TechSpot points out, all the scammers’ work is not for nothing. An RTX 4090 can be found for around $1,600, while an RTX 3080 Ti currently costs around $700.

RTX 4090 cheap or expensive

Currently, the RTX 4090 is the most powerful consumer graphics card in the consumer segment that you can buy. Of course, that doesn’t count the customized RTX 4090 “Super” that we saw appear here in Brazil.

Any overly aggressive promotion is bound to make buyers suspicious – especially when it comes from lesser-known sales channels. “When the money is too much, the saint gets suspicious,” says the old saying. With scammers reaching this level of forgery, even the most careful can fall into traps by being fooled by attractive prices.

However, we can hardly blame anyone for getting excited when they think they’ll be able to pick up an RTX 4090. With the kind of performance demos of the card floating around the internet, it’s certainly a tempting GPU for any enthusiast.

Via: TechSpot

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