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According to information from the South Korean portal ETnews, Samsung has postponed the opening of a factory in Austin, Texas, United States. Samsung’s goal is upgrade plant equipment from 4nm to 2nm and compete directly with TSMC and Intel. Because of this, the start of chip production in the United States may be delayed.

According to the South Korean portal, the decision was made after TSMC updates information about 1.6nm process. Samsung is one of the companies that received the largest portion of investment from the United States’ CHIPS Act. Therefore, the company seeks to use the money and compete directly with Intel and TSMC.

The Biden administration’s CHIPS Act investment in the United States is the largest investment in chip factories in the last 28 years. Samsung’s Texas plant does not have a date to start 2nm manufacturing, being one of the locations that received investment from the USA.

samsung adiar chips 2 nm

Samsung aims to start production of 2nm chips in 2025. However, with the delay in the factory in the United States, we do not know if the company’s other plans will also undergo any changes. If, on the one hand, the United States is keeping an eye on China’s advances, on the other hand, Samsung needs to make an effort to remain in the competition against TSMC.

Samsung chose to update factory equipment in Texas, United States, with the aim of continuing to compete with TSMC and Intel

With the acceleration of artificial intelligence technologies, Samsung is investing heavily in technologies focused on AI. But it will not be easy for the company to remain in contention against other companies such as NVIDIA, TSMC and Intel.

Recently, Samsung experienced problems with HBM3E memories and did not pass qualification tests by NVIDIA and CEO Jensen Huang. On the other hand, the South Korean company supplies all of AMD’s orders for HBM3 memory for its Instinct MI300X accelerator.

With competition in the AI ​​segment intensifying, companies such as NVIDIA, TSMC, Intel and Samsung seek to stay ahead of their rivals. Samsung’s decision could delay plans to produce 2nm chips in the US, but end up being a good decision in the long term.

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