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Samsung is alerting consumers to the issues seen with Copilot+ PCs by being transparent during the sale of its new Galaxy Book4 Edge.

According to the Korean manufacturer, the public should be aware – before purchasing a product that has the new Microsoft seal – that these computers are not able to properly run common software such as antivirus applications and games.

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Samsung’s statement is related to the Arm architecture used by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X processors for Copilot+ PCs. Developers have worked to optimize their software for the x86 architecture for decades, leading to incompatibility with new hardware — even with native emulation.

To make the transition smooth, Microsoft has brought the “Prism” emulator – which is said to be capable of running software developed for x86 without any major problems. The issue begins with the use of specific APIs, seen in some games and software, which are not properly recognized and end up causing headaches for users.


Although Samsung pointed out the main problems seen in Copilot+ PCs to alert the public, The Register also sought a statement from HP, Dell, Lenovo and ASUS on the matter. While ASUS did not want to comment, Dell pointed to Microsoft’s guide on the matter, as did HP. Lenovo pointed to Qualcomm’s guides.

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Copilot+ PCs in the hands of the public

Although Microsoft is tweaking its Prism emulator and has already stated that it will improve its use for gaming and certain software, Samsung preferred to point out what the public will find with its Copilot+ PCs at this time.

However, Microsoft continues to point out that most of the public will have no problems using AI-powered computers.

87% of the apps people spend the most time on in total today have a native Arm version.


Qualcomm also points to a few user-developed websites that show a complete list of Arm-compatible software on Windows devices.

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