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After sanctions were imposed as a result of the invasion of Ukraine, Vladmir Putin decided to invest in several areas of technology, where the country is lagging behind. Now, Russia’s Minister of Industry and Trade has stated that the country wants to develop its own games console.

Vladmir Putin’s order is from March 2024 and, for now, Russia is talking to companies to determine what is needed to build a console. According to information, the project seeks to define the resources needed to develop a competitor to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

According to reports from the Russian portal 3DNews, experts have doubts whether Russia will be able to develop a high-end console. Furthermore, the project will be expensive and will require government assistance, something that Russia may not be prepared for.

Experts claim that no Russian company is capable of building a console at the level of Xbox or PlayStation

In recent months, Russia has developed its own lithography that is 30 years behind. Likewise, the country suffers from a lack of specialist professionals in various areas of the technology sector.

Therefore, analysts and industry experts do not believe that Russia will be able to develop a console at the level of a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series. Likewise, they highlight the need for government assistance, so that companies acquire the necessary expertise in manufacturing consoles.

PS5 Xbox Series / Rússia console
Xbox Series

Since the imposition of international sanctions, shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, Vladmir Putin’s country began to invest in different areas of the technology sector. Apparently, the president of Russia also has his eye on the gaming industry and wants his own console.

For now, We don’t know if the project will actually get off the ground. As Russia has never made major investments in the video game hardware segment, it is a little difficult to believe that any company in the country will be able to develop a top-of-the-line console in a short time.

Who knows, over the years, Russia will be able to create its own console and make the project increasingly advanced over time. Maybe in 10 years, the country will really have a competitor at the height of PlayStation and Xbox.

Fonte: Tom’s Hardware, 3DNews

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