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Republic of Gamers (ROG), ASUS’ gaming brand, announced this Sunday (2) the laptop ROG Ally X. An update to the model launched last year, the device was presented during Computex 2024, the largest electronics fair in Asia taking place this week in Taiwan.

The new ROG Ally X supports Windows 11 and, according to the company, is “designed to run all games” of the platform. It maintains the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor from the previous version, but updates several other aspects.

O novo ROG Ally X

The update to the ASUS ROG gaming laptop features a new SSD up to 1TB of internal storage, in addition to a redesigned motherboard and that facilitates updates.

Additionally, it now comes with 24 GB LPDDR5X-7500 standard RAM.

Apart from this addition, the laptop now makes it possible to share it with VRAM. This way, the system gains even more dedicated memory to reproduce graphics.

Inside, the ROG Ally X comes with the new Armoury Crate SE 1.5which connects and configures the device.

Starting with this new version, the brand guarantees “a customizable game library and unified system updates”.

Renewed visual

Despite looking the same as the previous model, the appearance of the ROG Ally X involves a series of specific and practical changes. To begin with, the chassis has been redesigned and is now black.

The handles are deeper and have a more rounded shape, making the laptop more ergonomic. ASUS also brought a Slightly changed button placement, joysticks in a new module more durable with stiffer springs and an improved D-Pad, inclined triggers e smaller macro buttonsbut still accessible.

Another highlight is the battery, which has doubled its energy storage capacity and now has 80 Wh. In terms of connectivity, criticism from the community was heard: the XG Mobile port has been replaced by two USB-C, one compatible with the Thunderbolt standard.

In terms of laptop cooling, the new version brings 23% smaller fans with 50% thinner finswhich improves airflow and energy efficiency.

Additionally, two new heatsinks ensure 24% more air volume and a screen up to 6ºC cooler. Despite all these changes, the model weighs only 70 grams more.


At the time of publishing this article, ASUS has not yet provided details about the launch of the ROG Ally X in Brazil. The original model, in white and with 16 GB of RAM, currently costs R$5,399.10 in cash on the manufacturer’s website.

Computex 2024 continues until June 6th and Adrenaline is providing complete coverage of the main news straight from Taiwan. Stay tuned to the website and our YouTube channel!

Source: ASUS ROG

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