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The open RISC-V architecture will soon allow swapping RAM modules without having to shut down the system in Linux. The information comes from the website Phoronix, which spotted the new feature in the Linux 6.11 code.

While it’s not common in the home market, swapping RAM while the system is running isn’t new to servers – not just Linux-based ones. The process is known as “hot plugging” or “hot swapping” and is especially important for professional systems.

The folks at Tom’s Hardware recall that hot swapping was already possible in the 80s, on the Zilog Z80 platform. But it is no longer something that can be found on current PCs.

The arrival of the feature to RISC-V, however, draws attention because it offers yet another tool in demand for the architecture. Just like in the consumer market, the x86 platform dominates the server segment and open source solutions generally need to “prove themselves” to gain space.

Offering the same types of features as x86 and achieving similar performance, RISC-V processors have the chance to offer new alternatives at more affordable prices for Linux servers.

The name RISC-V may not be familiar to many, but regular readers of Adrenaline may remember Intel’s Frankenstein-like plans for the architecture.

In 2022, the owner of Core announced that it had the idea of ​​licensing the creation of hybrid chips, combining the x86, ARM and RISC-V architectures. The idea, although it sounds strange, would be to unite what each format does best, with each core taking care of certain processes in the system.

At the time, Intel had no partners willing to try this unexpected venture, and the lack of news suggests that it still doesn’t. Advances in RISC-V, however, could result in renewed interest in working with the platform. Click here for a refresher on those plans.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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