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The Chinese DZT’s Store is promoting the newest retro notebook model “Pocket 386“, a compact model made for people who want to use Windows 95 to play old titles or have an experience with the older operating system.

The set is produced with a 40 MHz 386 SX processor, 8MB of DRAM memory and a replaceable VGA card. It has a 7-inch IPS LCD display with 16:9 dimensions and a Yamaha sound card. If you want a more authentic way to use Microsoft’s OS, you can also switch to the 4:3 interface through the OSD menu.


The Pocket 386 also has PS/2 VGA ports, ensuring you can use an old mouse or connect the retro notebook to a CRT monitor – if you prefer. It is worth noting that it does not have a trackpad or a trackpoint, requiring the user to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the cursor. The right and left buttons are replaced by Shift+Up/Down.

According to the manufacturer, the model is really compact and lives up to the name “Pocket 386”. It measures 21 x 12 x 3 cm – ensuring that the user can carry it in their bag or backpack. At the time of purchase, you can ask if you want it to go with Windows 3.11 or if you prefer the retro notebook to go with Windows 95 GHO.


The suggested price of the Pocket 386 is $300 and it can be purchased in black or transparent. In addition to the PS/2 VGA connections, it also has an Lpt connector, a TTL-RS232 serial adapter and a 12-volt charger. Your RAM, battery and sound card have easy access to the hardware – if you decide to upgrade or change them.

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Games on retro notebook

As we said above, one of the focuses of the experience of purchasing a retro notebook with Windows 95 is having several games natively enabled to run on it. The RetroTV1 Tech channel tested some on it, showing on its channel what it’s like to play Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle and Test Drive 3 on it.

Obviously, we currently have Raspberry Pi, retro mini PCs and even laptops that are capable of playing the same titles – and at a more affordable price. Still, the model was manufactured to deliver exactly what the experience of a time was like – something many want to do or just have on display in their collection.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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