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Qualcomm promises to put up a good fight with its Snapdragon X Elite processors against AMD and Intel not only in the mobile segment, but on desktop as well. The statement came during the presentation by the company’s CEO, Christiano Amon, at Computex 2024, who stated that its chips are “coming to all PC form factors”.

This was the most information that Qualcomm gave on this subject. Now that the Snapdragon

Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite

At least this is good news for the desktop processor segment, since we only have AMD and Intel offering solutions in this area, unlike GPUs for desktop PCs, which now have three players, although one of them (Intel) is still crawling.

Reinforcing the capabilities of Snapdragon X Elite

Leaving this matter aside, Qualcomm talked more about the Snapdragon X Elite processors for notebooks. The company’s focus is AI PC, and one of the highlights of this lineup of mobile CPUs is its processing capacity with Artificial Intelligence.

Promising to deliver 45 TOPs, less than the new rival presented now, the AMD Ryzen AI 300 CPUs, Qualcomm guarantees that its processors deliver 2.6 times more performance per watt compared to the Apple M3, in addition to 5.4 times more performance against the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite Computex 2024

Another Qualcomm guarantee is the greater thermal dissipation capacity of the Snapdragon X Elite. The company did not go into many details regarding this matter, but said that its processors can deliver 5 times more performance with low consumption compared to the Intel Core Ultra 155H.

This also has to do with the consumption and battery time of a notebook equipped with these CPUs. In video streaming, for example, the Snapdragon X Elite tested manages to make the notebook’s battery last twice as long as its rival. Intel.

Called Copilot+ PCs, these computers (for now notebooks) will make their debut with Qualcomm processors in partnership with Microsoft. This has already been revealed previously, but both companies spoke about the subject again at Computex 2024.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite Computex 2024

The subject of games was also discussed, but in a very superficial way. According to Qualcomm, more than 1,200 games were tested on the Snapdragon X Elite, but nothing regarding performance was revealed. We have already shown this type of information elsewhere.

Still in June, the first notebooks equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite mobile CPUs will be arriving on the international market.

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