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After the launch of the Snapdragon X Elite CPUs, Qualcomm decided to focus on its Adreno GPUs and hired AMD’s ray tracing expert to help them improve graphics and extend support for their chips.

The expert in question is Paritosh Kulkarni, who announced his hiring to assist the DXR driver prototype team – focusing on DX12.2 features.

Qualcomm is right to focus on DX12.2, which is the DX12 Ultimate feature set that brings not only ray tracing, but also shading and general graphics. At AMD, Kulkarni was responsible for developing path tracing on processors and GPUs alongside the “HIPTR” ray tracing library.

It is important to note that the professional’s announcement does not state whether this support is aimed at mobile platforms or whether it is related to the Snapdragon X Elite on Windows. However, considering the problems presented by the Adreno GPU on these, it is more likely that we are talking about the second case.

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Qualcomm wants to improve itself

Microsoft’s “Copilot+ PCs” feature Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite CPUs, bringing AI closer to the masses and taking the lead in this competitive market. However, since Windows AIs work directly with the NPU, the Adreno graphics card was the least optimized part of the entire project.

In other words, for the use of these AIs and for work, the current Copilot+ PCs really do bring great advantages. However, the lack of improvements in the Adreno GPUs and also in the Prism emulator resulted in dissatisfaction among those who intended to play on these platforms.

With this support from the former AMD employee within the Qualcomm team, the hope is that the manufacturer will pay greater attention to its Adreno ecosystem – improving the user experience and getting even closer to its competitors: AMD itself with the future Ryzen AI 300 and Intel Core Ultra 200V processors.


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