Virtual reality enthusiasts are about to receive some exciting news: owners of the PlayStation VR2 (PSVR 2) headset are one step closer to being able to use the device with PCs.

It turns out that a recently discovered certification from VR enthusiast Brad Lynch has revealed that Sony has developed an adapter for the PSVR 2 that will provide PC support, previously exclusive to the PlayStation 5 (PS5).

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PC support on the way

In February this year, Sony had announced that it was working on PC support for the PSVR 2, and that it would be released in 2024, but without a firm date confirmed. The company did not give many details about what this support would be like, so until now it was not possible to know for sure how it would be implemented.

Now, with the adapter’s certification being registered on March 27th with the South Korean regulator, it appears that things are becoming clearer, which shows that Sony is on track to meet its deadline if it launches this support later this year. year.

Unfortunately, however, the only thing that is known is that it will be an adapter. This means that there is still no additional information about this mysterious device, that is, it is not possible to know what the price will be, what it will be like in terms of appearance, nor a specific date for its launch.

Support could start to make the PSVR 2 worth its price

The existence of this adapter is good news for the modding community who, since the launch of the PSVR 2 in 2023, have been trying to make the headset work on PCs. The PSVR 2 had a retail price of US$549.99 in the United States, meaning it launched for more than the PS5’s starting price of $499.99.

This ended up generating some controversy among consumers, as the PSVR 2 can only be used with the PS5 and is even more expensive than it, meaning many didn’t like it. Perhaps now that it can also be used on computers, this price can begin to justify itself. which generated controversy among consumers. Here in Brazil, the PSVR 2 also has a price practically similar to that of the PS5, and sometimes even higher, as the console has the most affordable version and promotions at more retailers.

Therefore, the arrival of PC support could be a starting point to eliminate one of the biggest obstacles that kept potential buyers away from the device. This news comes at a time when Sony is facing a drop in interest in the PSVR 2, even pausing production of the headset due to the accumulation of unsold stock. The expectation is that, with the introduction of PC support, demand for the PSVR 2 will increase, revitalizing interest in the device.

Fonte: The Verge


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