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The analyst Matt Piscatella, from the Circana corporation, points out that PlayStation Portal sales are exceeding market expectations – at least in the United States. No official numbers were released, but he points out that the product is being well received by the public.

The professional reveals that he initially underestimated the product, with this positive result surprising his original estimates.

I can’t name the units, but demand has exceeded supply in many months so far and, honestly, it has done better than I expected […] It wasn’t mass sales, but it has done very well

Matt Piscatella

It is important to mention that the current CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s platforms area, Hideaki Nishino, stated in 2023 that the intention of PlayStation Portal was not to “make money” with sales. The original purpose of the device is to increase users’ playing time on the PlayStation 5.

The purpose of the portable is to ensure that the user can continue playing in any room in their home or at times when the TV is unavailable for some reason. If your PS5 is in the living room and you want to play while lying in your bed, for example, this is the type of consumer that Sony seeks to serve with the PlayStation Portal.

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PlayStation Portal sold beyond Sony's expectations
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Underestimating PlayStation Portal

According to the Circana analyst, he made a mistake by underestimating PlayStation Portal sales and that this was one of his biggest mistakes within the gaming industry.

I underestimated the demand for PlayStation Portal, I have to admit. It’s the only time I’ve ever been wrong about anything. Enjoy, haters!

Matt Piscatella

Rivalry in the portable scene

One of the biggest criticisms of PlayStation Portal is the need for it to be on the same network as your PS5 – not allowing you to travel or spend time away from home and continue playing via common routes.

For this audience, the Nintendo Switch has already been launched – which remains the third best-selling video game in the entire history of the industry – and other portable PCs, as seen in the Steam Deck, ASUS ROG Ally and several others that continue to be launched.

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