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Sony launched, this Wednesday (19), a new PlayStation Portal software update. The patch will improve the stability of the Wi-Fi connection, in addition to including connection function to public Wi-Fi networks. Likewise, Portal receives new visual feedback in the touchpad area.

With the update, PlayStation Portal users will be able to use the device on public Wi-Fi networks in hotels, airports and other public places. Sony emphasizes that it cannot guarantee user safety in such locations, so it is important to never connect to suspicious networks.

To make the connection, the PS Portal will generate a QR code for players to scan with their smartphone. Afterwards, you will need to complete the verification process using your smartphone to connect the Portal to the public Wi-Fi network.

PlayStation Portal is hacked to play PSP games /PlayStation Portal update
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PlayStation Portal update brings new features to the touchpad

The PlayStation Portal software update also includes novo feedback visual no touchpad. When performing tap or swipe movements, the touchscreen portion of the screen will show visual feedback, improving the user experience.

Finally, you can change the PS Portal settings to highlight the battery icon at the top of the screen. Now, the user will always know how much battery the laptop still has and will not be caught by surprise during games.

With the latest update, Sony adds some interesting features to PlayStation Portal. Interestingly, PlayStation Portal sales are above Sony’s expectations. We don’t know exactly how many units Portal sold, but no one expected it to sell well.

PlayStation Portal is hacked to play PSP games

In the latest PlayStation Portal update, Sony also fixed an important security flaw. It allowed players to play PSP games. The hacker who discovered the problem helped Sony resolve the error. According to him, his intention was always to help the company with the security of the device.

With the success of Portal, rumors about a new Sony laptop began to circulate. Supposedly, the device is capable of playing PS4 games. Even though we can only stream the PS5, requiring the console, the hardware seems to find its audience, but we don’t know how big it is.

And you? Are you one of the PlayStation Portal users and are you going to download the update? Here in Brazil it is difficult to see many people investing in a PlayStation 5 and also in a Portal, where the price makes access to Sony’s portable difficult.

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