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One of the biggest controversies related to the PlayStation 5 is that its box had the “8K” resolution seal at its launch – and there has never been a game that brought this quality in the four years that the console has been on sale.

However, Sony Interactive Entertainment decided to remove it for good and the new PS5 Slim model boxes no longer contain this seal included. Now only the “4K 120” and “HDR” badges are seen, as you can see below:


At the launch of the PlayStation 5, this was one of Sony’s main highlights for its console and can still be found in the console’s official FAQ. They claim that it would support 8K resolutions in future updates.

PS5 is compatible with 8K displays at launch and, after a future system update, will also be capable of output resolutions up to 8K when the content is available, with compatible software

As we all know, this update to make the PlayStation 5 compatible with 8K resolutions never came – as did games that support this resolution. The removal of Sony Interactive Entertainment is strategic, as there are rumors of a PS5 Pro on the way and this one could supposedly live up to the promise of its predecessor.

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Changes at Sony and PlayStation 5

As we saw recently, Hiroki Totoki took over the leadership of Sony Interactive Entertainment and we had the entry of two CEOs for different divisions – Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino, heading both the games and accessories that reach the PlayStation 5 and planning the arrival of new hardware.

In addition to focusing on their own platform, they are also expanding the reach of their games by launching on computers and allowing some franchises to also be made available on the mobile market – such as Horizon, which is being developed by NCSoft.

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