There’s a new browser on the scene, folks! Or at least a variant of the well-known Opera browser. Opera One R2 was released for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Still in beta, the browser brings features that promise to improve the user experience, such as improved media controls, split-screen mode and advances in artificial intelligence. In the next paragraphs I will provide more details about the new feature.

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Renewed aesthetics, media control and other functions

Media control in Opera One R2 (image: disclosure/Opera)

The look of Opera One R2 has evolved into a more elegant and intuitive interface. The highlight is the updated media player, which allows you to manage tracks from services like Spotify directly in the sidebar, without switching tabs or opening other applications.

The floating video function has also been optimized, making it easier to resize and position video content. Additionally, new themes and sound effects have been introduced to personalize navigation.

Opera One R2 also features the Split Screen, ideal for wide monitors, displaying two pages simultaneously. It’s a very useful resource for people like me, who work with writing and constantly checking sources.

In addition, an option to mark tabs with emojis was also made available, making them more recognizable. This is a feature that has already arrived in Opera One, the main and stable version of the company’s browser.

Last but not least, Opera’s AI capabilities expand in One R2. Aria, the browser’s AI, can now generate images, play voice e until read responses to the user. The Page Context mode is another advancement, capable of summarizing texts, searching for specific information and translating online content.

Split Screen Mode in Opera One R2 (image: publicity/Opera)
Split Screen Mode in Opera One R2 (image: publicity/Opera)

Download do Opera One R2

Available to developers on official siteOpera One R2 can be downloaded for Windows (x86 and Arm), macOS and Linux.

As it is a beta version, instabilities may occur. The stable version is expected to be released by the end of 2024. So, if you are going to download, keep in mind that bugs and crashes may occur.


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