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With the increase in shipments of OLED monitors during 2024, TrendForce analysts expect that 1.34 million units will be sold by the end of the year. The result would represent growth of 161% compared to the previous year, with Samsung, Dell and LG being the main brands in the model.

As you can see in the graph below, the tendency to purchase this display will continue to grow. In 2023, 500 thousand units were sold. While we see expectations of reaching 1.34 million by the end of 2024, they are even grander for the year 2025: reaching up to 2.5 million, with an increase of 75% compared to the current period.

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Credits: TrendForce

The largest company that sells OLED monitors is the South Korean Samsung. According to TrendForce, it has the isolated leadership with 36% of the market. The study points out that its advantage lies in its popularity and because the model “is only 20% more expensive than its LCD counterpart”.

Credits: TrendForce

This number is expected to increase with the launch of the 27-inch and 31.5-inch versions – which will be available to the public during the second half of the year.

Dell and LG already share proximity in the market representation of OLED monitors. The first already reached 21% during the first quarter, while the second has a share of 19% of units sold in the same period.

MSI firmware monitors

OLED displays close behind

Below Samsung, Dell and LG, comes ASUS – with 10% representation in the OLED monitor sales market. In 2024, several models were launched by the manufacturer, ranging from 15.6 inches to 49-inch displays.

MSI is at the top of the chart published by TrendForce, with 7% of total sales. The organization states that it is gaining strength among the public due to its more competitive and consumer-friendly prices – in addition to the launch of new models during Q1 2024.


Even though OLED monitors are the center of attention – thanks to their contrast and responsiveness – they have not yet caught on with gamers due to their high price and problems such as “burn-in”. As both are starting to be reduced in 2024, it is possible that sales will now really skyrocket.

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