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With the presentation of NVIDIA’s Q1 2025 financial report, it was announced by the corporation that its server division had revenue ten times greater than that seen by its gaming projects.

Revenue obtained in the last three months was $22.6 billion – a result 23% higher than the previous quarter and an incredible 427% higher than revenue in the same period the previous year. The amount raised in gaming was $2.6 billion, an 8% drop compared to the previous quarter, but a higher number than 2023: 18% more.

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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang reveals that the growth seen in the server division is just the beginning and that we will see even bigger numbers from now on.

The next industrial revolution has begun – companies and countries are partnering with NVIDIA to shift their traditional trillion-dollar data centers to accelerated computing and build a new type of server: AI factories – to produce a new commodity, artificial intelligence. It will bring significant productivity gains to every industry sector and help companies be cost-effective while expanding opportunities to increase revenue.

Jensen Huang

To further boost this market, NVIDIA has already opened its first “AI factory” alongside Dell – ensuring that any company can look for them and that their hardware demand will be met to produce high-performance artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the promise is to further improve services in this sector.

The future in the hands of NVIDIA

Jensen Huang credits artificial intelligence for these jumps in revenue seen within the period – reaching several fronts with his technology-related projects.

Our data center growth was driven by strong demand and acceleration of training of the Hopper platform’s generative AIs and inference. In addition to cloud service providers, generative AI has expanded to consumers such as internet companies and enterprise customers, as well as sovereign AIs in the automotive and healthcare sectors, creating multiple multi-billion dollar vertical markets.

Jensen Huang

NVIDIA e MediaTek

Finally, the NVIDIA CEO also talks more about their future within the server market.

We are already positioned for our next wave of growth. The Blackwell platform is now in full production and will form the basis for trillion-parameter scale generative AI. Spectrum-X opens a new market for us by bringing large-scale AI to Ethernet servers. And NVIDIA NIM is our new software that delivers enterprise-level generative AI optimization to run on CUDA anywhere – from the cloud to physical data centers and RTX AI PCs – through our expansive network of ecosystem partners

Jensen Huang

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