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With NVIDIA keeping its GeForce RTX 50 GPUs under wraps, little is known about the next generation of gaming graphics cards. However, a new leak may give an idea of ​​what the public should expect from hardware that will further boost performance for gaming, content editing, artificial intelligence and more.

Leaker “kopite7kimi” published on X a list of all the GPUs that will be seen in the next generation – as well as some configurations that could be included. Check out the post below:

According to him, the next NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 GPUs will arrive as follows:

  • GB202 – 24,576 cores (512-bit G7) / 33% more cores compared to AD102;
  • GB203 – 10,752 cores (256-bit G7) / 5% more cores compared to AD103;
  • GB205 – 6,400 cores (192-bit G7) / 16.6% fewer cores compared to AD104;
  • GB206 = 4,608 cores (128-bit G7) / same number of cores compared to AD106;
  • GB207 = 2,560 Cores (128-bit G6) / 16.6% fewer cores compared to AD107
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 5090

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 GPU Settings

NVIDIA has not officially confirmed the information released about the GeForce RTX 50 GPUs, but if the leak is correct, we will have this scenario in the future:

GB202: will be used for the manufacturer’s high-end video cards, such as the RTX 5090. This GPU will have 12 GPCs, each with 8 TPCs and a total of 96 TPCs. Each of these TPCs will have 2 SMs, totaling 192 SMs. Even though it has a 512-bit interface, we can see cuts depending on the configuration – with 448-bit, 384-bit, 320-bit versions and others.

GB203: This will also be a GPU for high-end graphics cards. The chip has 7 GPCs, each containing 6 TPCs for a total of 42 TPCs. It maintains 2 SMs for each TPC, totaling 84 SMs. The GPU will have a 256-bit interface and could be the configuration chosen for the GeForce RTX 5080.

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GB205: it will be aimed at the mid-tier segment, probably targeting the GeForce RTX 5070 and RTX 5070 Ti. The GPU has 5 GPCs, with 5 TPCs each and bringing a total of 25 TPCs. Just like the versions above, there are 2 SMs for each TPC and a total of 50 SMs. The chip will arrive with a 192-bit memory bus interface.

GB206: NVIDIA intends to use it for mainstream graphics cards, with the GPU bringing 3 GPCs with 6 TPCs each, reaching a total of 18 TPCs. As seen, with 2 SMs for each TPC, we will have 36 SMs on the 128-bit memory bus interface. It is expected for use on the GeForce RTX 5060 and RTX 5060 Ti – with a leap in performance.

GB207: Aimed at entry-level SKUs, we will likely see the GPU being used in the GeForce RTX 5060 or RTX 5050. With 2 GPCs and 5 TPCs for each, that’s 10 TPCs in total and 20 SMs. It will use a 128-bit interface and may support GDDR7 and GDDR6 – while the others will use the GDDR7 standard.

notebook NVIDIA RTX

Launch of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 GPUs

It is important to mention that NVIDIA has not announced when it will launch its GeForce RTX 50 GPUs, but several rumors already indicate that it plans to bring the RTX 5090 and RTX 5080 at the end of 2024. It was revealed that they are analyzing dual-fan solutions for both video cards, reducing the size of the hardware.


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