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NVIDIA made available a new GeForce driver, which arrived in version 556.12 WHQL and optimization for two games: The First Descendant and Payday 3.

While the first one gets support for ray tracing, DLSS 3.5 technology with Ray Reconstruction and Reflex; the second one – which was released some time ago – received an update to make it compatible with DLSS 3 and Reflex as well.

In addition to these two, the NVIDIA GeForce 556.12 WQHL driver also brings graphical improvements to other experiences such as Bodycam, F1 24, Pax Dei and Soulmask. These can be accessed via the NVIDIA App or GeForce Experience.

It also helps with correcting errors and bugs seen in some titles, such as The Last of Us Part 1, Valorant and Halo Infinite.

It’s important to note that, even if it doesn’t impact you in any way, it’s important to keep your drivers up to date – as NVIDIA GeForce version 556.12 also brings with it all the improvements seen in the latest updates and can make a difference in the performance of your graphics card or iGPU in certain experiences.

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What’s New in NVIDIA GeForce 556.12 Driver

Check below the complete list of changes made to the NVIDIA GeForce 556.12 driver, as well as the fixes that the manufacturer brought to some known errors.

Game Ready

  • The First Descendant;
  • PAYDAY 3 DLSS 3 & Reflex Update
Payday 3 DLC
Disclosure/Starbreeze Studios

GeForce Experience Optimization Settings

  • Bodycam;
  • EA SPORTS F1 24;
  • Peace of God;
  • Soulmask

Gaming Bugs Fixed

  • [The Last of Us Part 1] Erro “Out of memory” em drivers 555.xx [4663766];
  • [Halo Infinite] Crashed during initial loading screen with driver 555.99 [4685335];
  • [Valorant] In-game stats incorrectly showed high latency with 555.xx drivers [4668309]

General bugs fixed

  • Notebook Mux Switch is blocked when Overwolf application is running [3804893]

Known issues

  • [NVENC] Quality and bitrate settings are ignored in 10-bit encoding [4697900]

Fonte: TechPowerUp

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