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NVIDIA and Dell do not want to be left out of the “AI PCs” market, which has had a lot of prominence in recent weeks with announcements from manufacturers such as ASUS, Microsoft, Qualcomm and several others that are focusing on artificial intelligence. Their intention is obvious: to join forces and get ahead of the competition.

It is notable that neither of them presented their plans in relation to the segment, but NVIDIA CEO – Jensen Huang – states that the two are not standing still and their partnership will extend to the format as well. Speaking to Bloomberg, he and Michael Dell say that something is being prepared for 2025.

There were some NVIDIA GPUs and Dell PCs and workstations, all of our cards have the same architecture with Tensor Core that are running on the H100 via the cloud and each of them uses artificial intelligence to work. AI will definitely transform gaming

Jensen Huang


NVIDIA’s move has not gone unnoticed in recent times, showing that it and MediaTek are producing a personalized chip focused on computing via AIs. It is stated that they want to compete in this market using TSMC’s 3nm production, competing for space with Qualcomm with its Snapdragon X Elite and the rest.

Considering that Jensen Huang’s corporation has been at the forefront of this artificial intelligence market so far, it was obvious that they would not let others take over. Qualcomm’s new CPUs will be used by Windows Arm PCs and are the biggest requirement to earn the “Microsoft Copilot+ PC” ecosystem seal.

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NVIDIA and Dell want to lead next generation

It is important to mention that the partnership between NVIDIA and Dell is progressing very well, with both working on several fronts to bring the full potential of artificial intelligence to the market. A few days ago, both were celebrating the start of “AI factories” and touting their potential.

Furthermore, Jensen Huang has already directly criticized current “AI PCs”, stating that his RTX platform is already one and better than what is currently offered. According to them, their GPUs have 1,300 TOPS, while current CPUs bring 50 to 100 TOPS within what was recently announced.


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