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Digital Foundry has analyzed the latest rumors surrounding the Nintendo Switch 2, focusing on the fact that the upcoming device could come with 12GB of LPDDR5X RAM – being a huge leap not only over its predecessor, but also a step up from one of the current consoles: the Xbox Series S.

Experts point out that even if your RAM does not reach full speed, it must deliver the necessary bandwidth to the processor to run a large part of multiplatform games – without compromising its quality, as we see in the Xbox Series S with 10GB of RAM.

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For Digital Foundry members, the Nintendo Switch 2 equipped with 12GB of LPDDR5X RAM has the potential to deliver higher texture quality than the Microsoft console – although they doubt it will reach its current performance.

They use DOOM Eternal as an example, with the Xbox Series S having processing power that can handle ray tracing, but it doesn’t perform without taking a big hit in terms of texture quality – due to its RAM.

The Nintendo Switch 2 can achieve a “reasonable” resolution using NVIDIA DLSS – which also has a high memory cost, as textures need to be at a good enough resolution to achieve the best results. This should allow it to overcome the low quality of the current console in docked mode, both first-party and others.

Xbox Series S

Answers about the Nintendo Switch 2

It is important to mention that, although the Nintendo Switch 2 has been formally announced, nothing has been said about its specifications, design or any other information that reveals more about the device. Not even the games that will be released on the platform have been announced, keeping everything completely confidential.

According to Nintendo, we will first see a Nintendo Direct focused on games that will arrive on the current console – held in June. After that, they will present more data about the next device – although there is no forecast for this to happen.


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