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Nintendo is expanding its operations in Brazilian territory and has opened a new official store within the Mercado Livre platform. Through it, the public will be able to purchase its main consoles, accessories and games – both in their physical and digital versions.

The intention, obviously, is to reach more people and offer experiences and technology closer to the consumer. There are many who only buy on the marketplace and this reduces the distance to access their products offered in Brazil.

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Mercado Livre’s product leader, Bruno Correa, highlights Nintendo’s arrival on the platform and reinforces that this is very important for our country.

It’s exciting to see big brands like Nintendo recognizing the potential of digital platforms in Latin America. The opening of its official store is a significant milestone, which brings several opportunities for both consumers and the market. This movement reinforces the importance of e-commerce in the strategy of large companies and shows how digitalization is redefining the consumer experience.

Bruno Correa

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Bruno also highlights the importance of selling both physical and digital Nintendo products, with both reaching different audiences and complementing each other within Mercado Livre.

I believe that we are just at the beginning of a new era, where the boundaries between the physical and the digital become increasingly blurred, creating a more integrated and accessible consumption ecosystem.

Bruno Correa

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What we have from Nintendo on Mercado Livre

At this moment, the official Nintendo store at Mercado Livre already has promotions for the public to secure their Nintendo Switch console. The common model bundle with 32GB and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe included is being sold for R$1,981; The special OLED version of Super Mario Bros with 64GB can be purchased for R$2,548.

Furthermore, users will be able to count on the main e-commerce resources to acquire what they want with benefits. Some of the consoles, accessories and games have not only free shipping, but also the Full fast delivery model. It is important to highlight that you check the conditions of each one, as they vary between products.

Mercado Livre shopping
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Available games

Below is the list of physical Nintendo Switch games that are available for purchase on Mercado Livre. This list may expand as they bring more titles from their catalog and upcoming releases.

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