For those looking for new smart monitors here in Brazil, the news this time is that Samsung has already brought two models with some advantages, namely the new M5 and M8.

One of the highlights is that the new monitors run an operating system that is very similar to what is seen on Samsung Smart TVs, which can help with use and bring familiarity to those who already have a company television at home. Come find out more details about them!

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New M5 and M8 monitors come with cloud gaming software

In terms of connectivity, they already have the ability to come with streaming applications that can be used quickly, easily connected to the internet, as is the case with Netflix, and Prime Video, among others.

In addition, they also have Samsung TV Plus, which is the brand’s own streaming service and offers more than 90 channels for free, and which can also be accessed directly, just needing an internet connection.

And for those who like to play, Samsung’s new M5 and M8 monitors bring one of their biggest new features, which is the integration of the Samsung Gaming Hub, a platform that gives access to cloud gaming services, including Nvidia GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming. With this, users can access and play the most popular titles without the need to have a console at home and even if the computer settings are lower and cannot run the heavier titles.

Productivity features

New M5 and M8 monitors

In addition to these new features in terms of streaming and connection, the monitors also come with some advantages to help increase productivity for studies and work. One of them is the integrated set of Microsoft 365 solutions, already guaranteeing access to applications from this group, such as the widely used Word or Spreadsheets.

The Multi View feature allows you to multitask with applications side by side, facilitating simultaneous work on different activities at the same time. It is also possible to access and control PCs remotely and work directly on the monitor, even if the computer is not physically connected via a cable.

Smart Monitor M8: the advanced option

Monitor M8

Samsung presented both monitor models, with the M8 being the more powerful between the two. This is because it has a larger size, a 32-inch screen, as well as support for 4K resolution.

Equipped with an NQM AI processor, the monitor is capable of improving the quality of unoptimized content with upscaling that transforms videos at lower resolutions into almost 4K, and supports HDR 10+, offering brighter light tones and deeper blacks.

It also comes with a SolarCell remote control, which has a solar charging panel on the back, eliminating the need for batteries. There is also the possibility of being recharged via the USB-C port. In addition, the M8 has a SlimFit camera for video calls and Active Voice Amplifier Pro, a very interesting feature that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and reduce external and background noise during calls, making the voice becomes clearer and the conversation is improved.

The height support is adjustable, with several possibilities for tilting and turning angles to ensure the best position. It also has different connections, such as USB-C, HDMI and USB-A, which eliminates the need for adapters, with 4 ports available.

Smart Monitor M5: compact and functional

Monitor M5

For those who want to guarantee the connectivity and productivity functions of the new monitors but prefer a more affordable and more compact model, the option is precisely the M5, as it has a 27-inch screen. Because it is more basic, it does not reach 4K resolution like the M8, but rather up to Full HD.

Both displays are compatible with the SmartThings ecosystem, allowing you to view smart home items on a 3D map. They also connect easily to other Galaxy devices like phones, tablets and wearables, providing a seamless experience.

“The product ensures maximum efficiency by allowing you to drag and drop content between the monitor, a Galaxy Tab and a Galaxy mobile device, simplifying the workflow. Using the HDMI and USB-A ports, you can connect devices to charge, transfer files or create an ideal station with multiple screens, customizing your setup.”

Price and availability

The new monitors are now available at Samsung’s online store. The Smart Monitor M8 was launched with a price of R$ 4.399 in 12 interest-free installments or R$4,179.05 in cash, while the Smart Monitor M5 is sold for R$ 1.999 in 12 interest-free installments or R$1,899.05 in cash.


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