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While recent rumors that Sony is preparing to bring native PS3 game emulation to the PlayStation 5 have been gaining traction once again, the company may find itself hampered by some of its past decisions. According to Digital Foundry, the Cell CPU architecture could force the company to deal with various technical limits on your latest console.

Members of the channel claim that the architecture used in the PS3 does not adapt very well to the x86 solutions that the company started using from the PlayStation 4. Even modern PCs suffer from this problem, although emulation of the console that competed with the Xbox 360 has advanced a lot in recent years.

According to Digital Foundry, the best way to convert old games for the PlayStation 5 would be focusing on titles that do not use the Synergistic Processing Unit (SPU) system. At the same time, this would mean that only simpler experiences could be converted, which would defeat the purpose of working on native backwards compatibility.

PS3 architecture brings big challenges

The site’s members explain that, due to the difference between the architecture used in the PS3 and that seen in more modern Sony hardware, some titles from the past will hardly be emulated efficiently. As an example of this, they cite Killzone 2, a shooter known for using the old console’s SPU heavily.

Native PS3 emulation on PS5 may be affected by technical limits
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At the same time, Digital Foundry claims that the PlayStation 5 could breathe new life into ports that ran poorly on the device in the past. In many cases, this was a consequence of the incorrect use of the architecture provided by the Japanese companywhich complicated game development and caused many studios to use only the Cell’s central cores.

However, these aren’t the most popular titles in the PS3’s catalog, which leaves Sony in a difficult situation. The channel’s analysts say that, in these cases, the best solution for the company would be to adapt and update these titles individually. While a more generic emulator could minimize costs, it wouldn’t be able to deliver the experiences that the public most demands.

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