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MSI has decided to invest in the CAMM2 format for its motherboards, with its upcoming Project Zero mainboards replacing conventional DDR5 DIMM slots with DDR5 CAMM2 slots. To help with this task, the company entered into a partnership with Kingston Technology.

The CAMM2 (Compression Attached Memory Module) aims to bring a compact design – eliminating standard connections and saving space. It is generally seen in the notebook market, commonly in LPDDR5 (low consumption), now also making its way into desktops.

MSI claims that Project Zero motherboards will feature contact points for the DDR5 CAMM2 module – one of which uses the full 160-bit memory bus width of the LGA-1700 socket (both main and sub channels). channels).

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Kingston is already working on these memories, through its FURY Impact brand, and may bring them in more common sizes (such as 32GB, 48GB, 64GB and 96GB). In addition, they will also be able to work with OC speeds of DDR5 for the platform – working between DDR5-6000 and DDR5-8000.

It’s important to note how MSI is already creating new standards for the market with its Project Zero motherboard. JEDEC recently presented the next generation of LPDDR6 CAMM2 – with the potential to reach both the notebook and desktop markets. Unlike what was shown in the presentation, the modules that Kingston will bring will not be Low-Power.


MSI innovates once again

It is worth noting that Project Zero motherboards are, by nature, an innovation produced by MSI for the market. They arrived with the aim of hiding the presence of the cables, positioning all their connections at the bottom of the mainboard.

Its addition to the market met the demand for greater organization of the space used in cabinets – which also began to be developed with side openings for a less complex passage of power supply wires, GPU and other components.


Obviously, the trend that MSI created became a major movement in the industry, with the support of several other manufacturers – such as ASUS, Corsair, INNO3D and several others that are producing more and more hardware under this proposal.

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