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Microsoft is aware that its new Copilot+ PCs are not allowing users to enjoy its flagship games on the devices. However, they state that they are working to improve the experience and that all improvements will come through the Prism emulator and anti-piracy systems.

In short, the Prism emulator allows users to run applications and games produced for x86 chips on ARM processors – such as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite. However, it has caused problems and many games cannot even open on the new line of notebooks.


According to Microsoft, these problems are over and soon the Copilot+ PCs will have their moment to shine in gaming.

Prism performance improvements, along with Auto Super Resolution and Snapdragon X processors will be a game changer

In addition to the improvements they promise for Prism, Microsoft also says it is working alongside anti-piracy software developers like BattlEye, Denuvo and Wellbia XIGNCODE3 to ensure their apps work properly.

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When it comes to anti-piracy software, the most advanced systems work at the kernel driver level – making Microsoft and Qualcomm have a little more difficulty in making emulation via Prism work properly.

However, that’s not all, as the Snapdragon Generation.

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If you want to buy a Copilot+ PC from Microsoft and also intend to play, for now it is recommended that you check the availability of games on the platform. At the moment, users like Linaro are listing more than 1,400 ARM-validated games in an open source database, which can be seen below:

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