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Micron and other memory manufacturers are keeping an eye on artificial intelligence, revealing that this market will directly impact the demand for its supply – whether in the availability of certain products or in their prices as well.

Micron’s vice president and general manager of Consumer & Components, Dinesh Bahal, says he is already seeing the impact of this on public reaction.

Many consumers are in a complete shock environment of ‘hey, RAM prices have dropped. NAND prices also fell. I could buy a terabyte for 50 bucks. This same terabyte is now going for 80, what is happening?’

Dinesh Bahal

Micron process

According to the executive, there is only one answer: artificial intelligence. Memory is one of the main elements that make a difference in its use and this demand will directly impact the supply of products and also their market values.

Anyone who’s talking about AI, anyone who’s working on AI, memory becomes the core of that rather than remaining aloof. Now we see that without memory, no advancement will happen

Dinesh Bahal

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Micron and others’ focus on HBM

Both Micron and its main rivals in the industry have also invested in HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) memories – which will be used in GPUs for servers and in so-called “AI factories”. Bahal says the entire company is working with them in mind and they are not alone in this idea.

All three of us of the ‘big 3’, with Hynix and Samsung included, are spending a lot of energy and effort on manufacturing HBM products

Dinesh Bahal


The professional also states that, initially, there will not be very significant differences, but that this is just a matter of time.

The reason this is all important is because of the amount of investment that is happening there. And this investment will really impact the balance of the supply chain – which may not happen in the short term in terms of pricing issues and others. But this is actually what we believe will happen over the course of the next few years

Dinesh Bahal

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