O Free market has launched new subscription options combining Disney+ in Standard and Premium versions with the benefits of Meli+. The prices are the same as the direct Disney+ subscription, but include free shipping on selected products, 12 months of Deezer Premium and discounts on other services streaming.

The Disney+ Standard package, without ads, costs R$43.90 per month. Disney+ Premium is available for R$62.90 per month, with a special offer of R$43.90 for the first two months. The basic Meli+ subscription, R$ 17.99 per month, offers Disney+ Standard with ads.

For those who want to avoid commercials, it is possible to purchase the complete streaming plan along with the Meli+ benefits, which includes:

  • Free shipping on purchases over R$29, with same-day deliveries;
  • One year of Deezer Premium for free;
  • 30% off Max and Paramount+;
  • Exclusive offers and surprise discounts;
  • Benefits at Mercado Pago, such as insurance discounts, cell phone top-ups, toll tags, cashback in cryptocurrencies, free withdrawals and CDBs with special yields.

Disney+ increases prices after integration with Star+

The updated Meli+ plans remain at the same price as the Disney+ monthly subscription, although Disney also offers a more economical annual plan. These changes arise with the restructuring of Disney+, which absorbed the content of the extinct Star+thus changing their prices.

Star+ content to be integrated into Disney+ in 2024

O Disney+ Standard costs R$ 43,90 per month with the option of an annual subscription for R$368.90. This plan includes the Disney+ and Star+ catalogs, ESPN and ESPN3 channels, 1080p Full HD resolution, 5.1 channel audio, 2 simultaneous screens and 25 downloads on up to 10 devices.

Already the Disney+ Premium costs R$ 62,90 and also offers an annual plan option for R$527.90. The difference from the standard plan is that the premium plan has all ESPN channels, 4H and HDR resolution and audio Dolby Atmos. Furthermore, it is possible to have 4 simultaneous screens.

The Meli+ subscription for R$17.99 per month now provides access to Disney+ Standard with ads, limited to 1080p image, no downloads and only including ESPN and ESPN3 channels.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/meli-disney-sem-anuncios.html

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