The infamous “Tiger Game” — which is an illegal game of chance, by the way — has caused serious problems. The most recent case involves an employee of a distributor in Alagoas who spent R$12 thousand from FGTS and did not recover the amount. The incident gained national attention when it was reported by the Fantástico program on Sunday (23).

Ads from Fortune Tiger are frequent on social media. Including, There are many users bothered by the spam that is made about this game. But what worries most are the reports of financial losses in the “joke”.

The worker residing in the city of Maceió (AL), for example, after an initial loss, continued playing in an attempt to recover the money. “When I received my salary, I deposited R$50 and lost it. He persisted in the hope of recovering his losses“, said the man who preferred to remain anonymous. This search for recovery has become a bottomless pit. “I lost everything: salary and FGTS. I spent R$ 12 thousand from FGTS“, he lamented.

It is worth remembering that the Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) was created with the aim of protecting workers dismissed without just cause, by opening an account linked to the employment contract. It is common for people to use the amount accumulated in the FGTS to make a down payment on a house, for example. So, using this money in a game of chance is, to say the least, stupid.

Unfortunately, this case is not isolated. The report reveals that other colleagues also suffered losses with the “Tigrinho Game”, according to Rafael Tenório, businessman: “People asked for vacation advances, advance payments on the 13th, loans“, he reported to Fantástico. “Some even wanted to leave the company, including long-time employees“, he added.

The Maceió Civil Police identified 12 digital influencers linked to a criminal network that promotes gambling. In São Paulo, more than 500 police reports were registered related to the Fortune Tiger (original name of “Tigrinho’s Game”).

What is the 'Tigrinho Game' and why is it illegal in Brazil.  Understand!

It costs nothing to point out that the Fortune Tiger It is illegal in Brazil. As it is a foreign product without local representation, it escapes national laws. The Brazilian justice system carries out operations to contain its disclosure, seeking to avoid more victims like those of the Maceio company.

And you? Have you spent any money betting on the little tiger?


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