A man reported on Reddit an unpleasant situation that happened to him when making an international purchase on Amazon. He purchased a video card RTX 4080 Super, but ended up getting something else. The box was relatively destroyed and inside it was a used HD, and two old (and yellowed) CD players.

Refund approved

The post by the user with the nickname sanity101 resulted in that classic question about when a case of this type happens: was it a product that was sold directly by Amazon or from a partner retailer that uses the e-commerce giant as a showcase?

According to the consumer, the ad was listed as “sold by Amazon”. O post no Reddit The case has already been deleted, as the consumer managed to reach a favorable opinion for his situation:

“After some pretty frustrating and back-and-forth calls with customer service, they agreed to refund me once I sent the package back.”declared

He also thanked the numerous messages that gave scope to his case, and made a point of highlighting again that the sale was exactly through Amazon. “I made sure that the seller was Amazon to prevent this situation from happening, as I didn’t want to bet on a third-party seller by spending 1,300 euros, but it still happened.”

Similar cases have also happened to Brazilian consumers

Cases as outrageous as this have also been recorded by Brazilian consumers, like the episode where delivery man Hudson Santos bought an RTX 4070 Ti NB from the Colorful brand on AliExpress and received a guitar neck. After a few attempts, he was able to get a refund.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-05/homem-compra-rtx-4080-super-recebe-pacote-hd-e-cds-players.html

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