The rise of Generative AI platforms has increased the possibility of coming across content that only had a certain amount of guidance from a human, but the creative part of the work came precisely from services such as ChatGPT It’s from MidJourney.

The panorama of books created using these tools is no longer new, and there are some people who are betting on interesting strategies to profit from this, this is the case of Canadian Tim Boucher.

Catalog already has more than 100 titles

Boucher uses the Gumroad platform to sell her books, written by ChatGPT and illustrated by MidJourney. Many people started to get in touch with ChatGPT in 2023, the year in which this topic gained another level in terms of global interest, but Boucher was one of those who started testing the tool as soon as it became public, in mid-2022.

Since then, he has developed a way to generate these books with a continuity. One edition is linked to another. All the books overlap, creating a story that is cohesive, and that keeps the customer loyal.

Each e-book contains between 2,000 and 5,000 words, and is complemented by illustrations generated by MidJourney, between 40 and 140 illustrations per publication. According to Boucher, who already has more than 124 books in his collection (each costing between US$1.99 and US$3.99), more than 570 books have already been sold between August 2023 and May this year. Generating nearly $2,000 for Boucher.

Tim Boucher is happy with the result, and attributes this profitability to the vision of “a small independent publisher” that some people add to their business. Some publications are also available in physical versions.

Although he is a fan of a technology that is in the hype surrounding new developments on the market, Boucher does not consider himself someone directly linked to what most people tend to use on the internet. He does not have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok or Linkedin account. And he also hasn’t used a cell phone in over a decade.

On the project’s official page, named de Lost BooksTim Boucher defines his e-books as follows:

“AI Lore books are a collection of more than 100 digital books that merge the creative powers of artificial intelligence with pulp science fiction, conspiracy fiction, and dystopian fantasy. These books are an entirely unique literary experience, featuring AI-generated images, text, and worldbuilding that transport readers to an ever-evolving and thought-provoking narrative landscape spread across many volumes and universes.

AI Lore books push the boundaries of storytelling, offering an unparalleled exploration of the human imagination and the future of fiction. As the lines between reality and fiction blur thanks to today’s hyperreal technologies, these books challenge our assumptions about the nature of creativity, the role of artificial intelligence in the arts, and the very definition of authorship.”

Boucher provides some free samples of his books, containing the first chapters of the works. If you want to download, Click here.


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