During a speech at the conference of International Labor Organization (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland, President Lula once again addressed the issue of artificial intelligence.

Lula argues that it is necessary to escape the “manipulation” of the richest countries

According to the head of the executive in Brazil, the ILO needs to work with the UN and countries so that “We build an artificial intelligence project that belongs to the Global South, so that we can compete with the richest countries, which, by creating Artificial Intelligence, try to manipulate the rest of humanity”, he stated.

The Global South that Lula refers to is the term used to designate countries located in the southern hemisphere. A way of classifying countries that are outside, or even contrary to, the northern axis.

In the president’s view, nations with great investment power, and which tend to be largely responsible for launching technologies that end up gaining global appeal, such as the countless applications and services of Generative AI, end up being used as a form of manipulation of the rest of humanity, as well as a demonstration of power.

Lula alongside the Director General of the International Labor Organization (ILO), Gilbert Houngbo. Photo: Ricardo Stuckert / PR

Lula also reinforced in his speech that “iArtificial intelligence is nothing more than the cleverness of some companies that accumulate knowledge from all human beings. And by accumulating this data without paying a single penny to the people, they can do what they are doing in the world.”

Lula: “Brazilian scientists need to create shame”

Recently, at an event held in Brazil, Lula highlighted the importance of creating a national AI. He went so far as to say that Brazilian scientists need to “create shame” and develop a Brazilian AI, in Portuguese, created by Brazilians. “Because we will not allow the creation of Artificial Intelligence to be stolen from us, just as the creation of the airplane was stolen”, completed.

It is worth remembering that several Brazilian companies already invest in personalized AI solutions, with national development, which meet specific objectives of these corporations, or which are passed on to partners.

One example is the speakers, accredited as a Strategic Defense Company (EED). This São Paulo company is highlighted in some countries due to its software with intelligence artificial which means that images captured by cameras on oil platforms are interpreted in real time by software capable of identifying occupational and environmental risks in operations.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/lula-defende-criacao-de-ia-para-o-sul-global.html

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