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Chinese company Loongson revealed its new generation CPUs, the 3B6600 and 3B7000 models – produced for the mobile and desktop market, with 8 cores.

The corporation’s vice president, Zhang Ge, was present at a conference in Beijing and released details of its new processors – which will be sold in China. He stated that although the 3B6600 and 3B7000 models still lag behind common CPUs in multi-core performance, it is in single-core that they shine.

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According to Loongson, the cumulative single-core performance of its new chips has been increased by up to 20 times with its processor iterations. Both will follow the “mid” line alongside CPUs such as the 3A5000 and the more recent 3A6000 – which achieve an IPC similar to that seen in the Intel Raptor Lake and AMD Zen 3 generations.

They state that the 3B6600 CPU is produced for the mobile market, with eight LA864 cores and a frequency of 3 GHz – with integrated LG200 graphics. Its iGPU will support OpenGL4.0 and OpenCL3.0 with the debut of INT8 computing acceleration – focused on AIs. It will achieve up to 256 GFLOPs of performance.

Loongson’s 3B7000 model will be aimed at the desktop market and the only statement they made in relation to the processor is that it will have a frequency of 3.5 GHz. In terms of compatibility, the manufacturer also announced that the 3B7000 will have several modern interfaces – including input PCIe 4.0, SATA 3.0, USB 3.0, GMAC and HDMI.

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Loongson Celebration

Zhang Ge also claims that the arrival of the 3B6600 and 3B7000 CPUs is a great achievement for Loongson – as all the main processor cores were developed by its own team, without the participation of third-party sources.

According to the professional, this is due to several aggressive attempts by his research and development team – achieving significant excellence in performance and through them deciding to proceed with the new chips.


Loongson’s objective, at least in the mobile market, is to compete for space with its “Dragon” architecture – competing ambitiously and directly with x86 and ARM CPUs.


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