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Lian Li released more details about its line of EDGE sources during Computex 2024, which attract attention due to their “L” shape.

For the event, they took the special EG850 Mesh model, with a folding fan grille to help with cleaning the hardware. Another great highlight, not just of this model, but of the entire line, is that in addition to the common connectors, the sources also have a USB2.0 hub.

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According to information from Lian Li, the EG850 Mesh source will be the first to hit the market and it already has the 80 Plus Gold certification. The remaining products will be sold with an 80 Plus Platinum certificate, expected to arrive in July 2024.

The EDGE line will feature 850W, 1000W and 1300W sources, being completely modular with coated cables and combs included. The PSUs use the 12VHPWR connector design with reinforced contact points for increased durability of each pin.

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Fonte: TechPowerUp

Lian Li’s EG850 Mesh will arrive “soon” for $119.99 and will only be available in black. The other models in the EDGE line arrive next month in the prices and models below:

  • EG850W (“non-Mesh” model) in black: $149.99;
  • 1000W in black: $189.99;
  • 1000W na cor branca: $199.99;
  • 1300W in black: $229.99;
  • 1300W in white: $239.99
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The format of Lian Li’s EDGE fonts

It is important to mention that the “L” shape of Lian Li’s EDGE sources aims to facilitate the user’s direct access to the connections presented, especially for those who do not have much space available and find it difficult to connect cables inside their cabinet.

According to the manufacturer itself, this is the ideal model to work with dual-chamber cabinets and, to date, it is the only one that is producing models of its kind.

Fonte: TechPowerUp

Another important detail is that there will also be models with 650W and 750W being launched, but details such as the expected arrival on the market and published specifications were not provided.

Lian Li also released the measurements of its EDGE PSU, which will have dimensions of 182x86x150mm. The fans used were not specified by the manufacturer.

Fonte: TechPowerUp

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