The standard ChatGPT has been free to access for some time, but subscribers were until now limited to just them. But now OpenAI has announced that everyone can now have access to custom GPTs.

This ability to access the “Explore GPTs” menu was previously only available for paid plans. The new update allows more people to take advantage of ChatGPT’s advanced features, including image creation, data analysis, and code development.

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Custom GPTs are focused on specific tasks

These GPTs are customized versions of ChatGPT that combine specific instructions, additional knowledge, and diverse skills to meet different user needs. They are created both by OpenAI itself and by independent developers, offering a greater diversification of solutions.

Among the available options, we can mention, for example, some well-known tools such as Adobe Express and Canva, as well as educational assistants such as the Khan Academy tutor. These tools provide specialized features, such as text editing, image generation and code development.

How to access custom GPTs

Although access to GPTs is available for free accounts, you must log in to the platform to access them. For those who have not yet logged in, simply access the ChatGPT website ( and click on “Register”. If you already have an account, just click “Sign in”. For those who already use ChatGPT frequently, you have probably already done these steps and will go straight to the platform.

Now, in the left corner of the screen, users will have the option “Explore GPTs”, so just click on it and the platform will show a list of options. After choosing one of the GPTs, just click on it and then on “Start chat”. Very simple.

When the user clicks on a GPT, they will see a window with additional details about each one. This window includes a brief description, a list of “icebreakers” to start conversations, and a rating of the tool on a scale of one to five. However, user comments are not available.

10 interesting options to test

With the release of GPTs for free accounts, here are ten options worth exploring:

  • Adobe Express
    • Link: Adobe Express
    • Description: Image creation tool for social media and other arts, allowing you to quickly and easily create graphics, videos and other visual content.
  • Canva
    • Link: Canva
    • Description: Platform for developing arts and images for various purposes, offering a wide range of templates and design resources.
    • Link: GIVE HER
    • Description: Generates images using the OpenAI model from detailed textual descriptions, ideal for creative projects that require custom images.
  • Whimsical Diagrams
    • Link: Whimsical
    • Description: Tool for creating mind maps and diagrams, facilitating the visualization and organization of ideas and workflows.
  • Write For Me
    • Link: Write For Me
    • Description: Writing and editing assistant, offering detailed feedback and helping to improve the quality and structure of writing.
  • Consensus
    • Link: Consensus
    • Description: Support in scientific projects and clarify doubts, using AI to find and summarize relevant research and provide accurate answers.
  • Wolfram
    • Link: WolframAlpha
    • Description: Mathematical and computational problem-solving tool, offering detailed answers and advanced analytical capabilities.
  • Tutor Me
    • Link: Tutor Me
    • Description: Assistance in subjects such as mathematics and science, providing explanations and personalized support for students.
  • Song Maker
    • Link: Song Maker
    • Description: Tool for creating sounds and music, allowing the composition and editing of musical tracks in an intuitive and creative way.
  • Code Pilot
    • Link: Code Pilot
    • Description: Support in code development, offering suggestions, corrections and optimizations for programmers in different programming languages.

Despite the expansion of access, it is worth highlighting that the creation of new GPTs remains restricted to the paid plan. Additionally, free users have a limit on the number of requests they can make to a GPT. For unrestricted use, including access to GPT-4 and DALL-E 3, you must subscribe to the ChatGPT Plus plan, which costs US$20 per month. Here in Brazil this value is around R$110 per month.

Still, the news is welcome. The opening of GPTs for free accounts by OpenAI democratizes access to advanced tools, expanding the possibilities for using ChatGPT.

If you haven’t explored these features yet, now is the ideal time to experiment and discover how GPTs can help with a variety of tasks, from creating visual content to developing scientific and technological projects.

Fonte: OpenAI


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