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Kingston Technology took advantage of Computex 2024 to announce some news. Among them, the presentation of the new memory standard CAMM2 (Compression Attached Memory Module), which promises to increase the performance of gaming notebooks and mobile workstations.

Questions about the new CAMM2 memories? Adrenaline prepared a complete article talking a little more about the “memory of the future”.

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Kevin Wu, Vice President of Business APAC at Kingston, said the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the industry. They also showcased high-performance memory and SSD products at Computex 2024, highlighting the growing demand for high-capacity, high-performance solutions.

The new CAMM2 memory module standard was one of the highlights at the event. It offers a more compact form factor, lower power consumption and greater capacity and speed. Ideal for notebooks, gaming laptops, and mobile workstations, CAMM2 promises to improve overall user experiences.

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The Kingston Fury Impact DDR5 CAMM2 module is a RAM unit in the new CAMM2 standard. Presented at Computex, the module operates at DDR5-5600 and will be available in 32GB and 64GB capacities, with 128GB and 256GB versions planned for the future.

They have not yet set a release date, but they intend to make the new technology available by the end of 2024. Prices have also not been released, but they are expected to be higher than SO-DIMM modules with equivalent specifications.

Advantages of the new CAMM2 standards in Kingston memories

The new RAM memories will be launched together with the motherboards necessary for their use. MSI and Asus displayed their cards at the Kingston booth. MSI introduced the Project Zero motherboard, which includes the new RAM module.

The Z790 Project Zero Plus promises an innovative experience with connectors on the back of the board, eliminating cooling space issues as there are no ATX cables or RAM modules in the way.

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The CAMM2 standard offers several significant advantages. In addition to saving space, the CAMM2 features faster speeds than traditional SO-DIMM modules. CAMM2 modules are 57% thinner than SO-DIMMs, allowing for a more compact layout.

Kingston also highlights a “single lane” that improves the connection between the module and the motherboard, surpassing SO-DIMMs. Another advantage is the support for multi-channel memory on a single module, allowing only one module to be needed for dual-channel memory, maximizing the 128-bit connection to the CPU.

The standard also supports LPDDR5(X) chips, an even faster variant of DDR5, enabling unsoldered LPDDR5(X) memory for laptops. Although the Kingston chips presented today are only DDR5, the expectation is that LPDDR5(X) will reach desktops in the future.

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