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Intel’s next-generation Arrow Lake processors are rumored to feature Fast Throttle. The feature allows you to adjust thermal throttling settings independently for each CPU core, which is especially beneficial for overclockers.

Thermal throttling adjusts the voltage and performance of the processor cores to prevent overheating. Serious overclockers may find it useful to ensure that throttling only affects a core that is running too hot, while maintaining performance in others that are still at safe temperatures.

Tom’s Hardware notes that Fast Throttle made its debut on the 13th-generation Raptor Lake CPUs, but didn’t offer much in the way of configuration. In the next generation, Raptor Lake Refresh, overclockers had more control over the feature. We can expect the trend to continue for Arrow Lake processors.

The information is not yet official, but if Intel confirms the rumors, the Core Ultra 200 will be the third generation to offer the Fast Throttle feature.

Between leaks and official announcements, we have a good amount of information about the Arrow Lake generation of processors. Intel, however, has not yet wanted to openly talk about a launch date for the products.

We still have a window for the arrival of the Core Ultra 200: October of this year. Motherboard manufacturer Biostar ended up “letting slip” the information in a press release for its Z890 boards.

Advanced overclocking settings will be interesting on components that already come with high clock speeds. Arrow Lake processors have appeared on the internet with frequencies reaching 3.6GHz. This is 600 MHz higher than that found in some Raptor Lake processors from the first version.

Those interested in pushing their Core Ultra 200’s frequency to new limits, however, will have to prepare their wallets. Rumors claim that only high-end Z890 motherboards will support overclocking, making the feature somewhat restricted for this generation.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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