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Intel has announced that it will discontinue its line of Optane 200 DIMM memory for servers and 2025 will be the last year that customers will have it available in the market.

This was to be expected, considering the gradual reduction in production of 3DXPoint-based hardware. Most Optane SSDs have already been discontinued and it was only a matter of time before server memory would follow suit.

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According to Intel, December 31, 2024 will be the deadline for its commercial partners to purchase Optane 200 memories – with 128GB, 256GB and 512GB modules (with SKUs with a package containing 4 and another containing 50).

Please determine your required demand for the products listed in the ‘Affected Products/Intel Order Codes’ table and place your ‘last order for discontinued product’ in accordance with the ‘important deadlines’ listed above. Intel will use commercially reasonable efforts to support the last order quantities for the Optane Persistent Memory 200 line.

The Optane 200 DIMMs were launched close to the arrival of the 3rd Generation Intel Xeon processor – Ice Lake – and were intended to further expand its memory capacity in a cost-effective way. They could be used in conjunction with regular DDR4 memory modules.


The end of the Intel Optane line is not yet here

Even with the discontinuation of sales of Optane 200 DIMM memories, Intel will not completely end its production of 3DXPoint-based products. The “300” line, launched alongside the 4th Generation Xeon processors – Sapphire Rapids – continues at full steam.

Considering that these were launched in the first quarter of 2023 and the Intel server platform maintains a long sales and support cycle, its production is expected to be available for at least another two years. It is worth noting that these are market estimates, but they may be changed by corporate decisions.


Like the NUC line, Intel also discontinued its Optane division in 2022 – writing off $559 million worth of equipment as part of a broader strategy to focus on profitable and strategically relevant businesses.

Therefore, neither Intel nor its commercial partner – Micron – intend to produce 3DXPoint memories at this time and indicate that the Optane 300 line will actually be the last to remain on the market.

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