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Intel has revealed details about the next generation of mobile CPUs, Lunar Lake, which arrives in the third quarter of this year. SKUs will be equipped with 40% faster NPUs than the Core Ultra 100, which is the biggest focus of this lineup, along with iGPU Xe2 Battlemage, plus new processing cores.

Intel has not yet revealed the exact performance increase over the current generation Meteor Lake, but the company guarantees that Lunar Lake processors will deliver “significantly” higher IPC and performance per watt with new efficient and performance cores and improved Thread Director mode to better manage these cores.

Intel Lunar Lake

Regarding integrated graphics, these new Intel mobile CPUs will be equipped with the second generation Battlemage iGPU, based on the Xe2 architecture. If Intel doesn’t launch Arc B graphics cards first, this would be the debut of second-generation graphics chips

Focus on AI processing

One of the highlights of the implementation of Battlemage iGPUs on Lunar Lake CPUs is the presence of XMX Engine cores to accelerate applications that use Artificial Intelligence. With Meteor Lake processors, the Alchemist iGPU only supports acceleration through the DP4a instruction.

Intel Lunar Lake

With AI acceleration via Intel XMX, in addition to the new generation of NPUs, Intel Core Ultra 200 processors will deliver up to 3 times more AI performance. It will be more than 100 TOPs of performance, combining more than 60 TOPS from the iGPU with more than 45 TOPS from the improved NPU.

With Meteor Lake CPUs, the NPU delivers 11 TOPS and the GPU is responsible for 19 TOPS, totaling 30 TOPS of performance. Although the new value promised by Intel is high for mobile CPUs, it is still well below what a graphics card can deliver, according to NVIDIA and AMD.

Even so, it is a good increase in performance for this segment. Looking individually at each technology, the GPU of Intel Lunar Lake CPUs will deliver 3.15 times more performance than Meteor Lake, while the difference with the NPU reaches 4.09 times.

Intel Lunar Lake

Intel Lunar Lake vs. rivais

Intel compared a Lunar Lake SKU to rivals AMD Ryzen 7 7840U/8840U, Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite and even a Core Ultra 7 165U. In AI, the new CPU can be 40% faster than an unknown SKU Snapdragon X Elite.

In iGPU performance, the Battlemage (17W) offers a 50% boost over the Meteor Lake SKU, which is based on the Alchemist architecture. Regarding the CPU speed, Intel only said that it is “faster” than a Ryzen 8840U and a Snapdragon X Elite.

Intel Lunar Lake

For Intel to reach these numbers, the company used a chip equipped with 8 cores, divided into 4+4, that is, 4 performance cores and 4 efficient cores.

Remembering that the Intel Core Ultra 200 mobile processors arrive in the third quarter of 2024 to fight with the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite and AMD Ryzen Strix Point CPUs.

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